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what is the turn ratio for a 220v to 36v transformer? Answered

I've a transformer core like a MOT(tall but slim) and i want to make a power supply for my zvs driver with it. so what should be the number of turns on the primary and the secondary if the input voltage is 220V AC and the required output is 36 v (min 10A). also what should be the gauge of the wires to be used for winding.


about 6:1


There will be some losses in the transformer - depending on how well you make it possibly a lot (you will see this as heat).

MUCH easier to buy a suitable PSU.

i've got a psu but a psu give out just 12v, i'm looking for a much better power supply.

i've once read in a site that you can connect PSUs(SMPS) in series to get a higher voltage, is it possible?

Under certain circumstances, that the outputs are floating, yes.

is there a problem if the wattages are different for the two smps?

You are limited to the maximum current of the lowest rated supply, but the voltage will be increased by the sum of the output voltages. So if you have a 12V 1A supply, and you connect a 24V 10A supply, you can only safely consider it a 36V 1A supply.

what if i parallel connect em? then the voltage gonna be 24 v and the current 10 +1 A.. am i right?