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what is this device and what can i do with it and how much can i sell it for Answered

hello everyone i have a question for the collective minds of the instructables community i recently went to a garage sale and purchased the device you see below my questions are what is it and how much can i sell it for

thank you,
fidgety 2



6 years ago

Variacs are still highly valued by anyone who tests vintage or builds new vacuum tube equipment--amplifiers, radios, etc., or any vintage electronics.

Yeah, I have been looking for one (within my budget) for YEARS now LOL

Don't sell it, build a welder.

I already have built a MOT spot welder how could this be used in a welder though you have me interested please explain

P.s. I am taking welding courses at a local technical college and hope to major in welding so this information would be of great help to me

NO ! And its a very important distinction. These are variacs (autotransformers). Welding controllers are variable taps on ISOLATING transformers

....and also, tapped for low voltages for welding, the high current will destroy the windings.....

Cool I now have a weekend project thank you

Don't forget to take photos as you work!

Depending on a few things: First it appears to be a variable transformer (Variac). Secondly, IF is works according to spec for this device, they are a bit on the expensive side, even to buy them in used condition, IF you can find someone that wants it :-)