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what is wrong with my internet connection? Answered

Hey there, it is I, Daredevil499.

I am having a bit of trouble with the internet, and I was hoping someone could help me.

     first of all am using a Windows Vista, home premium.. my problem is this: When I start my computer everything boots up ok. then I can get on the internet right away. But after a couple of minutes(or just a few seconds) nothing loads and I can"t use the internet. I shutdown the computer and reboot it and the same thing just repeats.
     The internet works fine on all the other computers in the house, a windows 7 laptop, a windows xp laptop, and the game consoles.

This has been happening for about 1 1/2 months. that is why i haven't been on instructables latly. I really want this to work again so pleas help. thanks
pleas help. thanks

                                                                                                                                             daredevil499, signing out.


I would be most concerned about:
  1. As mpilch says: software problem. Either windows, your network adapter driver, or a virus is causing the problem.
    --scan for viri/malware, I suggest windows defender and malwarebytes antimalware, and spybot search and destroy.
    --make sure your network adapter drivers are up to date; uninstall and reinstall them from device manager.
    --last resort: reformat and reinstall windows. Pain but a great way to clean up a slow system.
  2. Hardware problem: wireless can be crap and/or have interference at your current location.  Wired connections can appear to work and after a while the interference makes it give up the ghost.
    --if wireless, try wired temporarily
    --if wired, try a wireless adapter, or a different cable.  Try a different port on the router/modem.
    --wireless: remove and reinstall the network configuration to make sure it's up to snuff.  try WPA configuration.
    --check your router settings.  Is there a conflict in the firewall or port forwarding?  is there a connectivity rule causing grief?  is dhcp giving bad addresses (duplicates)?
Best of luck!

i'm not using wireless I have a tower, how do I check for #2 dash 4

do you have a wireless/router/modem combo? If just a modem, try plugging directly into the modem and see if you have the same problem; make sure you have a firewall on your computer itself so no malicious stuff can get to your computer (since you will be jacking DIRECTLY into the internet without a router as firewall). Try a different cable. Something innocent like a kink in the wire can wreck your connection and while it works at first, it gives up shortly later.

Did you set up any custom settings on your router/modem? consider a factory reset of your router and/or firmware update. Each one will be different but it generally involves going into the login page of your router and selecting firmware update, then using the file you can get from the router's manufacturer website.

Sounds like you may have a worm. A kind of virus that is made to slows your system down. Another possibility would be some process that is not working right and using up all your available RAM. Try opening your task manager and monitor the Performance tab before you jum onto the internet. See if it's the CPU or the RAM getting used up. If its the CPU then try going to the Processes tab and see what program is using all the memory or CPU.

What web browser are you using? Have your tried a different web browser? Could be a glitch in the web browser managing system resources.

Did you find any processes taking up all the CPU or RAM? What where they? If a process other than the web browser is causing the slowdown it could be a worm/virus/malware. If you find nothing then it could be a hardware issue.

I was using firefox but it crapped out and I switched to chrome

is the usage the number beside the process:for example

chrome.exe-username- 01-38472k- google chrome

when I have chrome running there are 8 processes that say chrome.exe and a combine cpu using of: 01: and the memory of all of them combined is:179131k

Chrome will have up to 2 process' running for each tab you have open in the browser. AS you can see in the image the CPU column tells you what percentage of the CPU is being used for each process. The Memory tab tells you how much memory each process is using. If nothing is eating up the CPU or memory then you have a hardware issue.


then what do I do? get rid of whats using all the memory, please be more specific


5 years ago

Versions of this question have been asked a lot of times. You should do a search and read the answers as they will have some things that could help.

It is either hardware or software. You have to find out which.
It is possible that your Wireless card is going bad. Sometimes they just burn out completely and sometimes they start acting strange and slowing down. Go to your device manager and find the Network adapters and uninstall the wireless. When you restart Windows it will find it and install it as new hardware. This often fixes things because it renews the drivers and settings. If that doesn't work then get a USB wireless adapter and try that. (You might even be able to borrow one from somebody) They are cheap and often work better than the onboard ones. Install it according to the directions. If that doesn't fix the problem then you know its software.

If its software then there are a lot of possibilities. The most common one is to have some kind of malware interfering with the system. Get Malwarebytes and run a full scan.
If that still doesn't fix it then its more complicated and you should try what some of the other answers in your search say.
I am betting its the adapter. They do go bad pretty often.

if I have an ethernet cable hooked directly form the modem to the tower could it still be the wi\reless card/

I didn't know you had a tower, I assumed you were talking about a notebook.
First if it does have a wireless card and you are using a cable you should disable the wireless. If you have more than one connection it confuses the OS. Windows XP cannot run both a wired and wireless connection at the same time. I don't know about Vista. Windows 7 can run both together but to be safe I wouldn't. It might be just the pro version that allows it. Multiple network connections is something that is in the realm of servers. Home versions are not meant to handle it. It requires being able to handle multiple IP's and being able to blend them together. If you have both hooked up then what might be happening is the wired network gets established first so you have internet but then when the wireless ones finally connects up (it takes a while longer) Windows can't figure out what is going on and both are disconnected.
If you only have a wired connection then it is very possible that the NIC card is going bad. The built in ones on the motherboards had a bad record for failure. Find out what kind of slot you have open and see if you can get a card to fit from an older computer. Or just buy a new one,, they are cheap also.

Here is a cheap low profile one.

This one probably has a better range with an external antenna.

If you want to spend a little extra and get something that can pick up the neighbors down the block you can try this one.
I have one of these and the range on it is amazing. Standard wireless is 1000 feet at the most. This picks up 1500 meters which is almost a full mile. And yes, it really does.

my computer is a desktop,it does not have a wireless.

by the way my computer is very fast off the internet