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what is your favirote gun? Answered

what is your favirote gun, talk about it hear



8 years ago

My new sniper posting it soon! :D Here is a picture of the unfinished v1 (I will post the v2 straight off as it is much better!) bit rubbish but has a few very innovative features. And by that I mean some stuff unique to this gun.


I've got an old single barrel .20 ga. "Volunteer" shotgun. It is my absolute favorite. It was my grandfather's when he was a kid. It's about 95 years old. My oldest son and I have both taken deer with it, and I couldn't begin to tell you it's toll on the squirrel and rabbit population. I own several modern auto and pump shotguns, but some things are irreplaceable. My other fave is the .44 Mag. Ruger Super Blackhawk that my wife gave me fore our anniversary.


. Last (first and only) time I shot a .44Mag, I ended up with a small dent in my forehead. It was a friend's Ruger *hawk, but, IIRC, had a slightly longer barrel. Same finish as your's (brushed stainless?) - beautiful gun. It felt good in my hand ... until I pulled the trigger. :)

Little known fact, Video of this incident is available on the intarweb. Okay, it's not really Nacho, but it is proof that just because you can afford it doesn;'t mean you are smart enough to shoot it..

personally I'm fond of Double Rifles and Thompson Center's Contender Single shot pistol.

That video was awesome! I'd love to have an old African-style double rifle. I almost bought one ten years ago. Now I'm WAY too broke.

Ain't it just? The vido calls it a .t0 caliber, what it doesn't say is that that is a Thompson Center Contender custom chambered in .600 Nitro Express! That's just freaking insane. The bullet alone weighs just shy of 2oz.

My oldest boy bought one last month! His has one of the longer barrels. We have only fired the .410 shells out of it so far, but hope to get a box of .45 LC soon.

Sounds like gun control laws didn't help you much LOL

Yeah, It was a rude awakening the first time I fired it. My boy has a single barrel .44 mag., and the recoil is very tolerable. Not so, with the handgun. I keep it loaded with mag rounds in case I NEED it, but I practice with .44 special rounds. I had one with an 11" barrel, but sold it back when I was (worse) broke.

The first and ONLY time I ever shot a 300 mag rifle, I did everything I was told. When I squeezed that trigger, the first thing I thought was who hit me with a 40 lb sledge in the shoulder, and the second thing I thought as I looked around at hunting buddies laughing was.....I'm DEAF !!!!!

Who in their right mind needs such a gun to go DEER hunting? Do they think the deer might shoot back from a mile away or something? *shakes head*

Yeah, a 300 Mag. is excessive for whitetail. That's like squirrel hunting with a 30-30! I know people who use a 300 mag., but I mostly hunt in the brush and a 300 Mag. is too much gun for that kind of hunting.

My Dad, before he died (and before my brother stole and sold it) had an OLD Springfield Rifle (this was YEARS ago, so I am pulling from a faded memory bank here), and IIRC it was VERY heavy (not a hunting gun, unless you were quite the Paul Bunyan :-)

As a rather strong lad of 16, I could barely hold it up long enough to aim the bugger.

It had a shell that was about as big around as nickel, and was about 3-4 inches in length. If it weren't for the weight of the gun, this thing would probably remove your shoulder each time it was fired (Dad only had one shell and never fired it - so I will never know). I do not recall the caliber but I do remember the barrel definitely was rifled. I thought the outside was octagonal, but I might be wrong about that detail. It was a beautiful piece too *sigh*

Wow. That would have been a beauty! I've got an 1880's Swiss military rifle. It's .41 rimfire. Never can find bullets to fit it:-(

My Dad said he paid $20 for that shell, which is why he never fired it I suppose :-)

It is sad how greedy and unthinking relatives can be sometimes. *sigh*

Yes it is! I'm a little too familiar with that.

I just never thought my brother would do that to my Dad after he passed..... Oh I am sorry, I shouldn't be going on about this....talk about changing the subject of a forum :-)

No, there's always some shallow greedy person who'll spoil things for the rest of the family. It's especially bad though when they dishonor the memory of a loved one who's gone.

Man, I want one of those SO badly. Up yours, Ohio and suburbs.

The favourite one of mine (well, my dad's) is the twenty two - two fifty, huge recoil but is great for when you want deer meet for the next 3 months. I've been looking at this air rifle, I'm not exactly sure what moddel or brand but if I'm reminded then I'll look it up again.

I like the g36c (Im getting an echo 1 brand airsoft one)

that the gun i have. the same brand and evrything,good choise.

I was thinking about getting a gas blow back pistol, either a kwa usp compact, or a kjw m9, though i like the look of this, but ut seems to be a gas guzzler.
there is a caspian version though...

yea i usualy go for electric guns but i just got my gold plated DESERT EAGLE,(fake gold). it the one from call of duty 4. it got like crasy hard kick. i realy dig it.

ooh deagle is nice, but big heavy gun = gas guzzler =D

So hard, so difficult...

My "favirote" gun is No Gun. Guns are scary.

Adrian, have you ever been around guns? When you get used to one, they are no more scary than a microwave, welder, or car. If you follow good safety rules, there's really nothing to be scared of.

No, I've seen them, and heard them, but never touched or owned or had one in the house (not counting an air-gun for snakes, although I've never touched that one either).

Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on those who do use them, I just don't like them or what they do. Guess I'm a wuss, because I hate chainsaws and all other types of power saws, too.

Hey, chainsaws are scary! I've had a gun pointed at me a couple of times and it's no fun! But I'm still more afraid of the drunk or the idiot behind the wheel of a 2 ton vehicle doing 70 mph! But yeah, guns are tools, and like most tools can be quite dangerous when mis-used.

They are! The more so for me because of all the horror stories I've heard, like of a little girl who walked up behind her father as he was cutting wood...she survived, but was horribly mangled. And about people chopping their fingers off with table saws... I've never had one pointed at me, but I have a plan in case I ever do (in the company of friends or otherwise). I also have a plan for if they actually do clone dinosaurs and they escape, and if the Mafia decides to take a hit out on me (okay, not really the last two). Prepared like a boy scout, I am...

Hey, I've seen some pretty well prepared Girl Scouts! (And more than a few pretty ill-prepared Boy Scouts.)

Thats just the mothers doing all the work. Let me say this as a former boy scout. Any boyscout is better than your average girl scout. Girl scouts may be tougher, better looking, smarter but boyscouts are not afraid of getting wet or afraid of bugs, and thats all that matter. :)

Better looking is a given... But fear of bugs is definitely a girly weakness!

really when it comes right down to it, automobiles are just as scary yet youngins do not consider just how hazardous they are, thinking it is easier to kill someone with a gun then with a car.....*sigh*

Yep. Do the math.
4000lbs.+ 70mph. x cellphone + radio = WMD

I have a friend who is terrified of spiders....but his wife will come in and squash it for him if it is too big LOL

Do you remember the old Aussie bush song "The Redback on the Toilet seat"? Spiders freak me out a little too. I've learned to live with it, but when I was a kid, it was a real phobia!