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what kind of fabric could i use for headphone foam noise insulation? Answered

still thinking of making custom headphones for fun. would love to make the cushioned pads on headphones but don't know what sort of fabric is could use around the foam. I want something as waterproof/resistant as possible to protect from sweat. really wanted to make square foam inserts and cover them with the fabric for noise reduction.




Best Answer 7 years ago

Use what they used in the 40's and 50's, kid leather (lambskin or goatskin).

As Steve said kid leather would be great, thin vinyl or PVC would work, even plastic would work pretty well.

i was thinking leather would look cool and be pretty durable. The only thing is how is it with water/ sweat and salt? or is there a good sealant for it?

Do you mean just standard sweat from wearing them and the odd bit of rain, if so it's fine, I have some very old flight headphones and the leather is lovely on them from wear, really comfy...


7 years ago

Sometimes you can simply buy replacement headphone cushions. Get the size you need, and stick 'em on.

I have some gorgeous old headphones with completely knackered cushions. I'd like to know how you cover them.