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what kind of paint should i use for shirt printing? Answered

I want to print shirts and i want to know what kind of paint is best.  Or are there different types of paint with different effects?


Fabric paints. Or silkscreen ink specifically formulated for printing on fabric.

Other things might work IF you can get them to bond to the fabric, either as a dye or anchored with a binder of some sort. How well dyes work will depend on the kind of fabric you're working with.

Some folks have tried using bleach to erase color from fabric rather than adding color

There are instructables which describe some of these approaches.

Which is "best" depends in part on exactly how you intend to do the printing and what effect you want.

oh that's right.. i meant paint used for silkscreen shirt printing..

coz ive seen prints where in the colors are like of the fabric and there are some that have a rubbery feel?

That's partly a paint-versus-ink distinction, and partly how thickly the paint is layered on. Some prints lay down a solid base layer of white or another dense color, for contrast, and then add the other colors on top of that; others are more selective.

When I've done silkscreening, usually no more than a four-color job (getting even that much precisely aligned can be tough!), I've never seen a significant problem with fabric stiffness/breathability. Unfortunately it has been long enough that I can't quote product names for you.

They sell fabric markers that work pretty well and are easy to use and cause less mess.