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what kind of torx screw drivers do you need to open an xbox 360 controller? Answered

what kind of torx screw drivers do you need to open an xbox 360 controller? not the size just the type because mine wont fit because of the pins in the middle of the screw. please help?


The screws may be tamper proof, do they look like the one pictured below? If they do, you will need a set of 'torx security drivers'. You could also just grind off the peg in the center if the screw is accessible. Hope this helps.


Thank you so much that is exactly what it looks like! how would I go about grinding down the peg though?

Possibly a small drill bit. It would be fairly risky. I have not done it though Also try taking the controller to your local electronics store and ask if you can borrow/buy a screwdriver that would fit.

The Xbox 360 contollers have T8H or T8 security screws. I just use a 2mm slotted driver (flathead) you can get a T8H driver on ebay for like $3.00

What's the difference between the T8H and the T8? Which is the best to purchase for something like this? And on a related topic does anyone know what bit you need for the Xbox itself? I know it's one of the torque T security ones but I don't know which one.

BuffaloNickel's got it right. The T8H or T8 security bit (the one with the hole in the middle) is what works. I purchased one from a seller on eBay for one dollar shipped. It does ship from China, so you will need to wait two or three weeks. If you can't wait that long just pick one up at your local hardware store. Be sure to get the screwdriver version as the screws are in recessed holes that some bits may not fit.

That's a good idea. From what I remember the screws are down some deep holes.

one's that fit! hur hur hur! take your box to the local mega-hardware store and get them to match it up.