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what sealant / glue would i use to repair a life proof case screen that is peeling away? Answered

I went to a hardware store to get recommendation on re-sealing the screen to the lifeproof case but the lady incorrectly suggested a superglue that supposedly was meant to work with plastic and rubber but didn't. As you can see, the superglue burnt the plastic and rubber a bit. 

Could someone please recommend a glue or sealant to seal the case again so its waterproof and also is durable so that it doesn't rub off in my pocket.

Help please!


Wow, great guys thanks for the tips.. I will try the suggested and post photos when I re-seal it (hopefully it re-seals)

You didn't click the reply button (hint-hint). The person that you sent it to will not get notified...

Just repaired the case yesterday afternoon with "oogoo" cuz I couldn't be bothered waiting for the sugru to come in the mail. Used "Selleys Quickfix Ultra Repair" adhesive for the inside lip of the clear screen, and then mixed up some substitute sugru (oogoo) with 1 part silicone, 1 part cornflour and some black food colouring dye. The end result was a nice black shiny rubber fix as you can see from the photo. Will post back letting users know whether it passed the watertight test.

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I'm thinking of either 2-Part Epoxy, Or Silicone.

If you're planning on still having this waterproof, You need to buy a new case.

The lady that told you about Super-Glue has no idea... It is known that silicone burns several types of rubber/plastic. Even if it didn't, Super-Glue cures and becomes very hard (Hard, But not very strong-- An adhesive needs to be hard and flexible to be strong), Which would make it break very easily if you dropped your phone, Even very lightly...

Hope this helps :)

2-Part Epoxy is very hard, And slightly flexible (It is flexible enough so when you hit it, It doesn't crumble into pieces, Like Super-Glue. )

Silicone Adhesive is soft, And very flexible.

If I were you, I would use both-- Glue the case together with 2-Part Epoxy, And spread a really thin coat of Silicone Adhesive on the outside, To seal it and make it waterproof (correction)

Whatever adhesive you use, Just make sure to clean the surface very well with an alcohol pad (70% is good)

Am thinking to use silicone adhesive on the inside lip that is actually stuck to the clear screen and then sugru on the outside for protection