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what shape is the most aesthetically pleasing composition to the human eye? Answered

what shape is the most aesthetically pleasing composition to the human eye?




6 years ago

A rectangle because the finonacci sequence makes a perfect rectangle known as the golden rectangle and it's supposed to be pleasing to the eyes

The sphere ? Is this a test ?

Well, Wikipedia has quite a bit to read:

Artificial intelligence reseacher Jurgen Schmidhuber defined beauty thus:

Among several patterns classified as "comparable" by some subjective observer, the subjectively most beautiful is the one with the simplest (shortest) description, given the observer's particular method for encoding and memorizing it.

In other words, a beautiful picture is one whose elements are somehow well-fitting examples of the models or archetypes in the viewer's memory; the image has been boiled down to the pure essence of what it is trying to depict. Of course, what an "essence" consists of depends on the viewer.

He points out, though, that what is beautiful is not necessarily interesting. He defines "interesting" as something that is apparently complex but for which you predict a long period of learning to appreciate its true simplicity. That is, a blank page might be boring (even if it is beautifully clean) if you can already describe it easily with the word "blank". A page full of random dots might be boring if you have no hope of finding a pattern to it. But a complex splotch of colors might be interesting, if it gives you tantalizing hints that a recognizable image is hidden in it.

Personally I'd say the artful nude female figure

You could look up "golden section", that would start you off.
Otherwise the question is a bit vague.