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what should i do?? Answered

okay i really like this guy and he really really likes me 2!!!!but whenever he tries 2 kiss me i get really freaked out and back away!!!!i have never kissed anyone before!!!pleas help me!!!!:(



i once had a similar problem (not with kisses though)
the only solution i have found to fighting my fears is to just risk it and try it
next time just push yourself forward right as u get the urge to back away
think about it

1) If you aren't ready, you aren't ready. Say so.

2) If you think you'll be ready soon, say that, and ask him not to rush you.

3) How comfortable are you hugging, holding hands, sitting next to each other and so on? Get use to letting each other inside your personal space.

4) Don't worry about it. Nobody starts as an expert, nobody expects you to be an expert -- and a big secret to this sort of thing is that different people like different things so you really have to re-learn for each person anyway. Take your time, experiment gently, pay attention to what the other person seems to like and help them understand what you like.

5) You don't have to dive directly into full-on open-mouthed tongue wrestling, and in fact that isn't what everyone wants anyway. Light "butterfly" kisses can be as much fun as an open-mouthed lip-lock and tongue wrestling; sometimes more so.

6) If the guy has a moustache, expect it to get in your nose occasionally. If you find that annoying, he can learn to keep it mostly out of the way.

7) Reread the above. There's no shortage of time, take what you need and don't let yourself be pressured into doing anything until you're ready to. You don't have to kiss a guy just because he wants to kiss you; this should be something _both_ people want to do.

Right! This isn't a place for keeping score or being pressured. A smart guy will be VERY gracious about backing off to match your pace.

Run, don't walk from anyone who tries to make you feel guilty about your reactions.

I guess your a girl?? Relax and let nature take control

You help will come form your boyfriend. If he really like you, explain your dilemma. I'm sure he would be more than helpful in the learning process.

Calm your nerves. Practice in the mirror. But most of all, explain yourself to your bo friend before he thinks your avoiding him.

Good Luck!