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what should i do with a lawn mower engine?

hey i have a vertical shaft 6.5hp lawn mower engine i dont want to do a go kart or a boat but im bored and i want to do something so, any ideas on what to do?

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the mechanical engineer (author)2011-08-08

sounds like your motor would make a great generator. its a relatively easy project that yields great results!

what would you power with such a small generator

anything you wanted to that ran off electricity! lights, radio, tv, even provide suplement energy for your house in the event of an outage!

but how much wattage do you thing you could get out of it

well that depends on the rpm's of your motor and which generator motor you choose.

the rpms are 3600 and for a motor im thinking a alternator of a 88hp mustang 2.3

wow. good work. however this is where my knowledge of the subject grows a little hazy. what I would do is just use this setup to charge a 12v battery bank, seeing as i think the alternator should already put out 12v. there are a few ibles on here about making gas powered generators. I would check them out for more help.

iceng (author)BIGHAIRYDUDE2011-08-08

Another motor
of course

Quercus austrina (author)iceng2011-08-08

Umm, that is what my link is to in my original reply...


iceng (author)Quercus austrina2011-08-08

Your ible is a well built robust frame holding a mower turning an alternator
to charge a battery and an upverter to a floor mounted TV work light.

You can supply output power to AC devices by two types of  chemistry.
Irreversible hydrocarbonic combustion and lead acid storage. Yes ?


BIGHAIRYDUDE (author)iceng2011-08-09

so many words, how are writing yes so small

Quercus austrina (author)iceng2011-08-08

Well, it's not my 'ible, just a link.


iceng (author)Quercus austrina2011-08-08


iceng (author)2011-08-07

A weight shifting walker

BIGHAIRYDUDE (author)iceng2011-08-07

with a lawn mower engine?

iceng (author)BIGHAIRYDUDE2011-08-07

Spinning shaft with impeller moves liquid from tank to tank shifting mass.

Kiteman (author)iceng2011-08-08

Or just keeps a heavy pendulum swinging...

optimist123 (author)2011-08-07

I guess you could try building a go-cart

Quercus austrina (author)2011-08-07