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what should i make using two yellow large gears? Answered

i just got two cogs for my birthday


Invent something!!

Super, did anyone get you any other K'NEX?


no but i got a camra printer phone sweat shirt and $210 all together

Your sum total of K'NEX gifted to you was two cogs?
I had thought these were part of something else, but if not - didn't you ask or drop hints for these, and if so why?


i asked but my grandma might get me some for christmas

Make a really high geared car.

A unity-gain torque amplifier?

Sorry, it was a harmless joke.

Let me explain.

Unity gain means 1:1, or said a bit less cryptically, it means that what you put in is what you get out

a torque converter uses the idea that a gear with N teeth connected to a gear with M teeth will change the input torque from the original value (T1) to T2 = T1 x M/N

Torque, in case you don't know, is the "strength" that a turning gear has. It represents the force it can deliver. So if you have a fast motor with little torque, you can increase it by using a gear followed by a smaller gear. The output speed will be reduced, but the force it can deliver will be increased...

sorry 'bout that. humor is in the eyes of the beholder I guess.


7 years ago

Dunkin' Glass Coasters.