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what should i make with two reciever boxes? Answered

i have to old reciever boxes. they were used with satlitite tv. what could i build with it?



I would locate and salvage any good parts such as hard drives or ram disks and plop them right into my comp. our old hd dvr cable box donated 120 gigs to my computer ;)


10 years ago

You can put them together and make one big super receiver box.

On some circuit boards, on the same side they write part numbers, they also draw a white "box" containing all the parts of a unique function (audio function, video function, decoding function, power supply function, etc)
It's then possible to identify the "limits" of a function, and in theory, it should ease the extraction of everything related to the stabilized power supply. By "extraction" I mean cutting or sawing the circuit board to actually "extract" the power supply function from it. (but you'll still have to study the board to be sure the function is actually complete).

If there is not such "functional borders" drawn on the circuit board, you could try to identify what parts are parts of the "power supply" function, then, draw the "functional borders" yourself, and cut or saw the circuit board ...

If you don't want or can't "extract" it, you could just try to reproduce the schematics of the "power supply" function (revere engineering), unsolder all the required parts, and rebuild it on a new circuit board.

I have no better idea yet =o)

Then you could extract their power units and make it independant from all the rest. Then salvages all the rest : resistors, capacitors, diodes, connectors, and every transistors and IC that are identifiable and about which you can find their datasheet on the internet ... There must be IR demodulator and decoders also.

You did not give us a lot of information about your boxes ...

You mean "two empty receiver boxes", right ?
Depending on their dimensions, you could make mini-PC with mini-ITX or nano-ITX motherboards ?

u could cut a hole in one of them.. and put in a flash drive. and with the other one... you could cut a hole in it.. and put in a flash drive.

i dunno, bump!