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what should someone do, if you are trapped in a one-man civvie war against 35? Answered

generally, I am currently fighting a guerilla war against a local pervert and porno, but I am the only one fighting it. i am very confused as to what I should do, whether to continue fighting, or just retire?


Well, if you really feel that you're worn out... then yes. Give up. At some point, the stress is no longer worth it. If you think you're at that point, then it may be prudent to step out gracefully. Develop a strategy for avoiding the issue from now on, and focus your life on something else. However, I don't exactly know what sort of "guerilla war" you're waging or what the issues are... Care to explain further? You can send me a note if you want to avoid giving details here. I'll be happy to give you my views on the issue and provide a few (hopefully) helpful suggestions.

Find a grenade and explode in their hangout, alternatively you could reason with them or give up and go home

Reasoning may work... If there's actually a serious problem with a pervert then there are many answers simpler than fighting a war. A war on porn? Is it all over the street or something, I'm a little confused as to how it could affect your daily life. Legal actions are often easier to fight, though if there aren't any laws being broken and the society generally accepts these things then you may well have to give in the fight or reconsider your moral standing upon these things, are you on a high horse or are they really insidious and perverse.

well, technically, this originally was a minor dispute over moralities, but now he is trying to instill his moralities into a lot of people's minds, and is moving towards the final group that remains untainted, thus far. this very easily could move into actual violence, but I really hope it doesn't, as a lot of the peoples are unprepared for war. this guy does have a lot of power over a lot of people already, and potentially, he could convince them that his side of the fight is righteous, and that I am working for the adults and are bent on constricting their freedom. this was instilled upon them by their previous director, who tried to lead them on a revolution against the head peoples, but this failed, and she was kicked out of the group. now, things are really getting bad, as her seeds have spawned.

Do not move to physical violence. You have briefed me in private on the situation and it does not warrant violence. It does not warrant further segregation in the group. Take the high road and learn to be tolerant.

Imagine that you are the one acting in sexually immoral ways. Imagine that you are unaware of the reasoning in support of a chaste lifestyle and in support of moral objectivism in general. Your ethics makes little distinction between the decision of right vs wrong and the decision of cost vs benefit. This is partly because the people who might have explained an alternative ethical framework to you have lost your trust. You do not see them apologizing and atoning for their shortcomings. You do not really interact with them in a personal way during work or play. Their explanations may even be tainted by a streak of excessive individualism that downplays the role of the community. Imagine, furthermore, that you rarely take time to turn off the music, TV, and computer and just sit in silence to contemplate the decisions that you have made that day.

Are you imagining yourself in this situation? Are you seeing enough similarities to your own way of thinking that it's making you very uncomfortable? If you aren't- you're not trying hard enough.

When you are sufficiently uncomfortable with your own shortcomings and have resolved to work on them, I suspect the best long-term solutions to your community's problems will come to you. You don't need to be perfect before you can get started, just humble.

something is very odd if you are 1 against 35

your HOBBY of revenge on a certain enemy of mine rises further questions. (are you in team rocket or something ?)

can you describe the entire situation fully ?