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what to do with 100 led? Answered

I have a set of 100 bicolor (red and green) led. i have no idea of what to do with them, tough.



9 years ago

Well im just bumoing this, finally I made 90 throwies and iv put em on empty cola bottle before putting them in my recuperation box. imagine the head of the person who saw them at the recycle center lol

you could always go with the persistence of vision (POV) device

Dot matrix display? I'd like to make one I know that much. There's 3d cubes that can form patterns and everything, and there's an instructable one how to make one, I don't know if you're interested but it looks hell cool!

I don't want to get involved with micro controller and all these.

Hmm, ok, I thought you would, seeing your picture. Just trying to help.

Im good with photoshop, not electronic. Lol. tough I hope to be good with electronic a day.

Yeah, me too. I have only mediocre skills. Oh well, hope you've found something to do with them!

Well, using a (bunch of) decade counter(s) or some other counter type IC is actually more complicated. You would be hardwiring the sequences rather then simply transferring a bit of code to the micro

Put them in a panel and create a processor that generates random patterns. Wire them to your halloween masks.

Ghee, that's really good! I like the second thingy, but if you could make it slower it would look a bit more impressive and less confusing. Good on ya!

A count-down to christmas or other holiday starting at one-hundred days away. You could make it have an automatic controller that shuts off an LED every 24 hours. Maybe?

This is a great idea, and well within "beginner" capabilities, I think, especially if you're willing to do it "Dig button" style, and push a button for each new day (in fact, a Digg Button might be a good starting point to avoid having to make your own PCB. If you don't get to re-writing the SW (to count down instead of up), you'd just end up with a giant Digg Button...

I'm not sure what do with the two colors; are these two-lead or three-lead LEDSs, and how bright?

two-leads. about 20000mcd, they are diffused.

Give 'em to me!!

Nice idea. No. lol. I still have about 80. iv put about 20 on my car.

100 Batteries for throwies cost about 5 bucks with shipping.


9 years ago

If i were you i would make some money out of it by making a friendship band of some kind with cool light show.

I think there's some instructables. There not as hard as they look.

Tape them all over your clothes/body. You will be the led monstah!


9 years ago

i dont want to buy anything else to use them, i was thinking to put them on my car. what would you do?

make some throwies!