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what tools do i need to build a built-In Book case? Answered

I was searching on how to build a built-in bookshelf on 15 - 20 ft long wall about 7 ft. high. Then I come across <instructables.com> and i found the exact "Built In Book Case" instructions...the only thing that wasn't mention were the tools to use. Since you're getting the message from a dummy I really need help with what tools to use in building this wall-to-wall shelf, thank you for your time.


Post the name of the specific project, and I'm sure someone can come up with a projected list of tools required for that specific task to properly answer the question. 

Far less of a nebulous query at that point, don't you think?

Good point, actually. I really should refill the one I keep in the car, and get another for the house... and maybe a third for the workshop.

I once cut my finger doing some work for a friend. I asked him where his first aid kit was, and upon opening it, discovered nothing more than a half bottle of Jack Daniel's and a roll of PVC electrical tape. It did the job.

If you found the project you wish to build on this site, why don't you ask the person that posted it what his/her toolkit has in it?

Saw, Spirit level, Screwdriver, Hammer, Ruler/tape, straight edge,

Actually what tools you need is irrelevant - when you get stuck go out and buy what you need - Regard this as a very practical way to build your tool kit.

+1. Let the project tell you what tools you need. Read through it and much of that will be obvious -- if you're using nails you need a hammer, if you're using screws you need a screwdriver (and you might want a drill to make pilot holes with). You don't necessarily need a saw if the lumberyard is willing to cut the wood to size for you (many are; accuracy is a bit iffy but for basic bookcases good enough) -- but that requires that you figure out the sizes before you buy the wood.

Must have

electric drill with assort bits
adjustable square
skill saw (or equal) could be a hand saw it it'ud be a lot of work
screw drivers to fit the screws you use
steel measuring tape

Be nice to have

Table saw
pipe clamps for glueing
router and bits

If I were making a built in bookcase I might use some or all of the following - BECAUSE I already have them in my workshop:

Router, Plane, Belt sander, Dowelling kit, Wood glue, band saw, circular saw, Tri square, work mate/vice, Various clamps, at least 4 cups of Coffee a day, a lot of paper to draw my design out before I make anything, a CAD system, my printer and PC.

BUT you can get by without any of these.