what would happen if there was no moon? Answered



I think that there would be no night because the sun revolves and about every 12 hours it lines up with the moon which causes the moon to "shine". And not very many people would be able to sleep from the everlasting sunlight.

Luna would be out of a job.


This is a reasonable question, and one for which there is active research. If you have enough intelligence, you can formulate a plausible answer for yourself. If you're too lazy to do that, then why bother to ask the question?

Start by following Lemonie's suggestion. Then you should look in more detail at how the moon was formed.

Then you should ask yourself, how would the earth be different structurally without the formation of the moon? Do some research about terrestrial planet formation. What about the earth's atmosphere? Would it be denser or less dense than now? What about water content, would there be any differences?

You could compare the current state of the Earth with Venus, which has essentially the same mass and composition as the Earth, but no large satellite. What are the differences? Which of those differences could plausibly be attributed to the presence of the Moon, compared with, for example, differences because Venus is closer to the Sun?

As has been mentioned before, there would be no tidal pull on the oceans or the other fluid (air) that surrounds our rocky planet. This would mean weather would look a lot different and most likely be very very localized. The natural extension of this scenario is that vegetation and regional climates would look a lot different (probably much fewer temperate zones).

If you're assuming that the moon never existed, animals most likely would have evolved very differently. For example, there is much evidence that birds did early navigation by the moon. Humans also used the moon (in addition to the stars) to track time and navigate the seas when we're an exploring bunch.

Finally, we wouldn't have words such as "lunacy" and "lunatic" as their roots are found in the idea that crazy people did crazy things under the light of "luna," our moon.

PS and if there was no moon, where would we get all our cheese?!

There would be no tides or at least only very small tides.