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whats my next step modded original xbox? Answered

modded origial xbox the xbox was modded well before i ever resived it with the help of some people from this site i have been abel to regain an FTP connection. To restore it to working order whats my next step id like it to run evox again can i do this throught the FTP server? the file below is the error codes im getting right wen i turn it on

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steveastrouk (author)2011-02-11

With a working FTP connection, you can go in and delete the offending config file, or replace it with a simpler version
You see
15-11-2001 01:06:54 NOTICE loading Q:\XboxMediaCenter.xml
15-11-2001 01:06:54 NOTICE skinpath Q:\skin does not exist (or no keymap.xml). It could be that the tag is wrong. Trying default homepaths.

Either create Q: \skin and add some skins, or hack the .xml file with a clean copy


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well i tried that and now i have a different error code and it wont let me connect anymore oh well guess it broke for good now thank you for all the help any way

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