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whats the best recent proxy at the moment to use im stuck cause im limited on my school laptop please help? Answered

someone please help me



Frankly, I'm surprised you even managed to get to Instructables with all the false positives the filtration software "protects" you from. You'll learn more trying to get around it on your own. A quick google search should yield something you can use. You'll end up with a lot of dead proxies, but you may end up with one that'll help.

Sharpen up your search skills and find out for yourself. Perform a site-specific search on a place like reddit or lifehacker. (Or just look for a better studying resource.)

ohk just please tell me im not trying to get around the school i just need a proxy for study plz cause the sites i try to use for study are blocked

What do you mean by "best" and why are you asking us? We aren't using your school's laptop...


Now I am only guessing here BUT if the school limit your access then they have a GOOD reason to do that and YOU probably DON'T have a GOOD reason to circumvent it.

If you DID then your school admin would allow it it if you asked.

We live in a harsh and competitive world focus on your education and aim to do just slightly better than your best shot.

Aim high to be happy with the actual end result.

flag not necessary; but this does get asked virtually twice a day.

Yep... that's why I flag them. These kids need to learn to follow the rules and not to get around them, otherwise they will never survive in the real world.