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what's the best way to extract honey from natural comb? Answered

i have a hive of bees in my yard, that moved into an old cabinet, and i do not try to force them into brood boxes, because they are Really well established. but i still want to be able to get some honey from them once in awhile. what is the best method for extracting honey from natural comb?


Spinning is a good way to do it... IF YOU HAVE PLASTIC OR WIRED FOUNDATION!!! Most spinners will just spin your comb to shred and then you will be stuck cleaning wax and honey out of your spinner baskets. Crush and strain is or just plain eating comb honey (a lot of people like it) are pretty much your only options for natural comb.

Crush and strain. Use a potato masher or something equivalent, then just let it drain through a strainer ( screne, cheese cloth, clean panty-hose, etc.)

I had a paint brush spinner once. Ya think something like that would work?


9 years ago

Joe is right. I grew up on a honey farm, and you can indeed buy a honey drum. You just stick your honey comb in a basket that is in the barrel, spin the handle, and that throws the honey outwards where it will then drain to the bottom of the barrel where you will have a tap so you can bottle/jar your honey. Its only cost worthy if you are going to have ALOT of honey comb though.


Ah those were the good ole' days.

Centrifugal force is the best way.