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what's wrong with block triggers? Answered

what is wrong with the block trigger mechanism because I have yet to see a powerful gun without the mechanism. and the sear system has it's flaws. So what I think you hate is the mechanism and what do you think about the mechanism with the true trigger attached?


I'm sick of knex topics about this, can someone show me a diagram of a block trigger, I don't do knex but I have a deep loathing for the same topics over and over and I may have help to offer, having built many different weapons on rainy days. Including an RBG that was full auto, easy bit of woodwork...

ok, i will explain it the best way i can. a block trigger is simply put a trigger that blocks the firing pin from going forward, but to fire it you have to rotate the blocking piece out of the way, so it is not pulled like a really trigger.

Ok so build a block trigger, but the block slides on two rails vertically a lever is attached to the block so pulling the trigger back pulls it down and out of the way, everyone's happy.

Umm point was I can think of a huge number of mechanisms that would work amazingly, however Knex aint my thing... If I ever see a huge pile of it I might just for all your whining sakes joking

I will post a forum topic for you about it. or something.

There are way too many.


10 years ago

i dont mind block trigers (though if the in a hard to reach spot then i do mind) but i gess people want these guns to be "realish" like airsoft guns (wich my friends are starting to move into ="(
there is nothing wrong with then, some true trigers require sertain broken peices that i realy can't have, i havent got any new knex for like 7 years now... so i dont plan breaking them. but i hate all the killerk coppies on this website, and others sites...(it's just one gun people move on and make your own idea then maybe we would have things way beter then it and you could coppy that!)

i think people hate them because they are most associated with tube and stick design guns. also a true trigger is so simple that most people wonder why they don't use it in the first place. um, you have to define what you are talking about when you say block trigger mechansm because that makes me think that you made the block true.

I dunno why people hate them so much. They're strong, easy, and less chance of misfire. They can be hard to pull cuz of the bands being so strong it sticks, and its location.


10 years ago

because most of the block trigger knex weapons are simple 10 piece guns that fires around 10 ft and are simple drinking straws :D


10 years ago

There's absolutely nothing wrong with a block trigger.

i dont chooses favorites but iv been makin guns lately and i start with a block trigger... then i look for flaws then more possibilities for a true trigger.

There are two main problems although I do agree with you that it's stupid. 1. Too many use it. You know how people are trying to come up with diferent styled parts for guns like the barrels the stocks the magezines mainly the whole gun itself. Well the trigger is the same way. 2. People are picky about having a trigger that you pull like a real trigger...