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when is it time to change your saw blade? Sharpen or new? Brand? Answered

That's it. when do you know or can you tell if its time to change the blade on you table or circular or miter saw and is it cost effective to have it sharpened or just get a new one? Any one brand preferable over another?

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mikeasaurusBest Answer (author)2017-03-08

Excellent question! You'll know it's time to sharpen the saw blade when you notice the machine bogs down when you're feeding material through, you get unusual tearout on your cuts, or you notice burn marks on your cuts. All of these are hallmarks of a dull blade (among other ailments, but these are good indicators).

You can definitely sharpen old blades, but it can be a laborious task. Here's an Instructable showing the process on a hand saw to give you an idea, circular saw's are sharpened in a similar way. It's cost effective, but only you can answer if it's time effective.

With care, new blades can last a long time; since new blades aren't expensive I tend to 1ust get new blades when I'm ready. Cost will depend on the type of blade you want (as discussed in Tools + Materials - Blades). I don't really put too much value in expensive blades, since I don't rely on my saw to make beautiful cuts - just accurate ones that I can finish later in another step.

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