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when me and so all my lovely kids will be invited to show our camel robot at california ? Answered

when me and so all my lovely kids will be invited to show our camel robot at california as the best group in robot week contest california last year as written in contest info ?



What country are you in? Is it one of the countries where residents are eligible to win prizes?

Did you receive the robot prize pack listed as the prize?

The prizes were provided through Instructables, but it appears that "invitations" (that is, providing space for people to present, not paying for trips!) were through the National Robotics Week organization. National Robotics Week was April 7-15, 2012.

I didn't think to check his profile - he's in Indonesia.

That must have been a combination of profile and Wikipedia :-)

Since you are in Indonesia (and, therefore, not actually eligible to win a prize), you're going to have to take this up directly with HQ.

You need to email service@instructables.com and make a very good argument for getting the prize.

Could you add a link to the contest info?

https://www.instructables.com/contest/robot/ (his camel-robot instructible has the "this is a winner" with a link to the competition

Though as far as prizes go, i see nothing even remotely close to an invitation to the team to go to california (only "robot prize packs" whatever that is)

Granted, I didnt go over it with a fine-toothed coamb, and he also asked the question there so this post would seem a bit misplaced now - yet im validating it by commenting :)

i guess its this phrase: "We're giving away lots of great prizes, including robots, electronics kits, software, books, and robot t-shirts to top entries! Projects will also be featured on the NRW website, and winners will be invited to show off their bots at 2011 NRW live events." from https://www.instructables.com/contest/robot/?show=INFO

(and thats the last followup on my own posts I will do, sorry to all involved)