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where can I find cheap thermistor probes like those found in digital meat thermometers? Answered

I've seen people use a copper lead soldered to a wick rapped around a thermistor, but I really want to use something a little more efficient than this.


Do you definitely mean thermistor and not thermocouple ?

My dad and I were working on a project so when a sensor detected heat, a fan would turn on. The sensor we used was this old thermocouple we pulled out of a old gas furnace. You can also get them out of old clothes dryers and microwaves at the dump. Cheers! -Joe

Making a thermocouple is quite simple and they can be quite accurate. I've helped make a few a couple years back for use in a laboratory. You need to boost the produced signal if you want to get a usable reading though.

People like "Omega" sell them.

Most electron suppliers can supply a junction thermocouple.