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where can i buy a piezoelectric generator and how much does it cost please help me out? Answered


I can think of two different kinds of mass produced piezo module that you might be able to find cheaply. 

The first kind is a piezoelectric speaker, an audio transducer, of the kind found in alarm clocks, alarms, and other noise makers.  Here is an example of an artifact containing such a piezo speaker:

The second kind is one of those piezo spark modules, of the kind found in some kinds of butane lighters.  Here is an example of an artifact containing such a piezo spark module:

BTW, both those links are from a retail chain in the Former US, called DollarTree(r), and the price of both those items is 1 USD, because that's sort of their gimmick.  Everything item in a DollarTree(r) store costs 1 USD.

Back to the subject of the modules themselves:  the spark making module from the barbeque lighter,  is good for making a brief pulse of electricity at very high voltage.  BTW, I wrote an instructable on the subject of re-packaging one of these modules into the body of a ballpoint pen.  This ible has some pictures of the modules themselves, and of some playful things to do with the finished piezo-pen, like (briefly) lighting old fluorescent lights, here:

In contrast, if you want a continuous power signal, then using a piezo speaker, like the kind found in an alarm clock, or that door-window alarm thingy linked above.  Of course to get a continuous electrical power out would require a source of continuous mechanical power, essentially sound power, input.  Maybe you could drive it from a whistle powered by compressed air or steam.  Or maybe some kind of  thermoacoustic set up.

By the way, I am guessing that whatever you are building, you want to start small. That's why I linked to that dollar store junk.  Well, that, and I don't actually know where you'd find expensive, high-powered, piezo transducers. 

it will generate a spark that makes the output gas fire ... very thanks for profissors who helpes us

it will generate aspark that makes the gas fire ... very thanks to the profissors who helps us ..

I just pulled one out of a dead BBQ lighter last night

video shows a simple piezo microphone disc (widely available) driving a LED.  I wouldn't have thought there was enough current there but it appears to work.

however such an amout of pressure applied there might be sufficient for an led to glow since it requires very low voltage

It depends on the piezo material, the rate of change of the force applied and the area its applied to.  The spark lighters give a very short, sharp shock to a length of piezo to generate the high voltage.  A piezo sounder is a less intense force over a larger area so lower voltage at higher current. 
From a previous project I know you will get around 25V from tapping a piezo disk.  The LED will limit this to its forward voltage drop; 1V to 3V, depending on colour.
However, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and I'll try this out later today as I'm curious to know whether it works.

I've just tried this with a 35mm sounder and get exactly as I'd expect (and Rick describes).  A brief flash when tapped, but nothing when squeezed, whereas the video I've linked does give a decent output when pressure is applied slowly.  Strange.

maybe it needs to be on a soft compliant surface??

Yes connect a Piezo sounder to an led and tap it and the LED will flash BUT you will only get a flash unless you devise a way to tap the sounder very quickly and many times > 25 a second.

This is a demo we used to do at school.

There's a special chip made by a company called Linear Technology which is designed to store piezo pulses and pump them onto a supercap.


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This piezoelectric generator can be had free used or a few dollars.



sir can u please post me the link from where u have seen this picture so that i can understand how it works

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it's not for commercial use it's my project and i want to generate electricity using a piezoelectric generator by applying stress on it

How much from what sort of activity and what for

All these things matter.

In general Piezoelectric device that are readily available generate a short high voltage output - enough to make a spark.

Piezo materials can be found on the web. and you can make your own with varying degrees of difficulty.


Here are some links which may help.

Then you can use the piezo igniter from a lighter. It will be free ! Your profile doesn't say where you are in the world to make any more informed comment

is it the lighter used in domestic appliances or anything else can u please be little more clear regarding this sir

Yes, the things used in domestic appliances and cigarette lighters, and for portable gas stoves, etc., etc.

to generate what?