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where can i buy a solar panel in chicago? Answered

where can I buy a solar panel in chicago? What is the price for a solar panel?



Expect to pay 5-10 dollars/watt for the panel depending on quality and quantity (more = cheaper)

In addition to the panel you need the electronics to make the power useful to your application (inverters, batteries, chargers, matching inverters, etc)

The price of the panel depends on the size, quality etc. You need to decide what you want to do with it and what voltage and how many amps you need to run what ever you want. When you know that you can start shopping. Since you said "panel" I assume you want to charge something or run something off the sun. You can get solar panels at farm stores in the fence section they are used for gate openers. You can get them in some auto parts or boat shops as battery chargers. You can get them in tool and hardware stores like Norther Tool. You can get a really great variety on the internet.