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where can i find a list of all of the port images on the back of any/all computers? need icons and names...? Answered


. They seem to be the same icons on all computers, so I'd start looking at web sites of standards organizations. Eg, ISO, IEEE.

Do you mean the pin-out wiring diagrams of the different connectors that can be found on the back of a computer? You usually have the PS/2 mouse and keyboard input, parallel port, serial port, USB ports, power plug, RJ-45 LAN port, Firewire IEEE 1394 port, VGA video port, DVI video port, Sound(microphone, line, earphone). Some PCs have multiples of the various specialized ports. Specialized add-on cards will have additional video ports - input/TV output, wireless antennae, etc. It depends on what features are built into the computer will you see more or less of the ports. You can search for diagrams or images of the above. Good luck.

Try the manufacturer's website. The user's manual is often available for download these days.