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where can i find drivers for my motherboard? Answered

i have recently formatted one of my computers and now i need to reinstall the drivers for the motherboard. i have already installed windows 7. but unfortunately i have lost the driver disk but i have been told you can find them on the internet but i am so far unsuccessful. what can i do please help. the motherboard only say IBM REV:2.4 


Tricky things motherboards, I've faced exactly the same problem, and its not easy to resolve.

Do you know the MAKE of your board ?

Does the boot up screen say anything ? You may have to tell the PC to start up with all the boot messages enabled - sometimes that's an option in the BIOS settings - sometimes, the BIOS settings tell you what motherboard you have !

Sorry, I don't have any quick fixes, I'll be interested to see if anyone else does. I really don't understand why the makers can't be more explicit with the board's identification !!

ALSO try looking for an FCC ID on the board, and putting that into Google - I've occasionally been able to find the board like that, from the FCC databases.


it says that the make and model are both IBM and that the motherboards name is IBM 8187DHM

Try here.

There is a "driver matrix" right at the bottom.

Are you sure you NEED drivers, why not just install 7 now, and see what happens. You MAY have to use the chip makers generic drivers anyway.


win 7 works fine but the on-board graphics does not work and is unable to connect to network as well as some other features so i think it is the drivers?

It will be.
Next step, we identify the chipset of your graphics card.
Intel 865G.



OK i will try that soon, how would i find the network driver because it would make it a lot easier as i would not have to keep transferring file on flash driver

Well, you look on the first link I sent you, where you can identify what the network uses, which is the Intel pro/100 chipset, so you then look for Intel Pro/100 Ethernet drivers