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where can i get a really CHEAP ping pong table !? Answered

 il spend like $80 max... im going to destroy it so it dosnt have to be good


Look on craigslist in the FREE section.  People get rid of these things all the time.  I got one for free, I repainted it and put a few bolts in it and it looks like a new one.  You shouldn't have to pay for one unless you want a super deluxe one that is fairly new. If none are listed.. put up an ad that says you want one... someone has one for sure they would give it to you on your LOCAL craigs list.

A cheap 4x8 sheet of plywood, some green paint, some masking tape for the lines and you can buy the net for about $7.00.


8 years ago

Garage sales
Thrift stores
Classified ads
Craig's list