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where can i get free used or new computer parts ? Answered


Try places like craigslist. People are giving away used computers because they're often not worth that much. Some recycle centers may have computers that they might be willing to give you (but you'd have to ask). Even a bulletin board (outside a grocery store or other location) can have postings for free stuff like that.

Getting free and new computer parts is probably less likely, unless the part isn't needed (by whomever owns it), and they can't be bothered to sell it. In which case, try the same avenues for used computers/parts.

Garage/Yard Sales are always good for these things too.

Now how would we know where you live in this wide world of ours?

It matters as it makes a big difference to the sort of answer you get.

1. Friends and relatives

2. Thrift shops

3. Craig's list or similar

4. ring round big companies IT depts to see if they have any scrap offerings (they have lots if they will let you have them.)

Freecycle is a network of people giving stuff away. Find one near you and wait for someone to give a computer or parts.

i saw an instructable on that tryed it but the freecycle website looked way different

Be sure to go to freecycle.ORG not freecycle.COM

There seem to be 64 hits for alabama, see which are close enough to you and sign up to see all the listings. Each local group varies somewhat so be sure to check the rules of any group you join.

Thrift stores are a decent source for cheap, functional, and probably outdated, computers.