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where can i get ink ribbons for a Remington Monarch type writer? or how can i re ink it? Answered


If you can't find the exact replacement spools for your machine, and if you have the old spools, just order a universal ribbon (1/2 inch wide) and rewind it onto your old spools. These are available on ebay.


5 years ago

A good place to buy stuff like that is E Bay. It usually goes cheap because people like me that don't have the heart to throw out good stuff and would rather have it go to someone who can use it instead, sell it mostly just to cover the cost of getting it to you.

Google "Remington Monarch ribbon" and you'll get whole pages of places to buy the ribbons, just like I did.

Re-inking is not really an option since you need a way to apply the exact amount of ink.  You can't just dip it.