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where can i get some fake bullets like dummy bullets like the ones they sell at museaums? Answered

where abouts can i get them in bulk for cheap?



Best Answer 9 years ago

Go to a shooting range and ask if you can pick up all the discharged shells. Take the empty brass to a hunting store and ask for lead bullets for reloading. Find some bullets that fit in the empty shells and just tap them in with a hammer when you get home. Then you can drill hols in it anywhere and hang it if you want.

do you know where the nearest shooting range is in england?

What size round do you need and amount, if for machine gun do you want denigrating links?

dont answer anymore thsanks


9 years ago

Can u expand on "fake" do u mean blanks? discharged shells? or simply shells that have no powder in them?

i mean like shells that cannot be fired