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where do I find in the internet about the Swing-Mark automatic valve for resturants and bars.? Answered

Swing-Mark valve is a automatic flow chemical dispensing mixing valve, that works with the flow of water going through the valve. dispensing detergent and sanitizer chemical to each sink at a pre mix of water and chemical controled by the valve. Depending on the type of metering valve it has.

Resturant and bar owners real perfer these valves because they automaticly always have a E P A regulated mixture of sanitizer per water, to wash and sanitize glasses and cups.

Or any info on similar valves.    THANK YOU


I've repaired mine a bunch of times but I fear it's almost on its last legs, if it's leaking you can buy new o rings from hardware store ,if you take it apart take lots of picture from different angles, they are a pain to get back together if you don't, you also can add a stainless steel washer inside if the ratcheting has gotten sloppy, also a muffler clamp can be added around plastic body to support it more, most of the time I've found when it stops despencing it's clogged up with soap scum where the lines come into the valve body. Does anyone know if the real name of it is swing mark ? Or have a model number . Tough finding out much about it and our chem mark guy in the sf bay area died in pretty sure!


8 years ago

From Chem-mark, they sell them to you and they are not cheap, but they do not want to tell you to much about them because it is a very simple system and I know I can make them better and cheaper.

Thier parts to repair them are not cheap eather, they seem to clam up when you ask about them as far as technical questions.

Where are you located? There's not many companies with chemical dispensers for your bar sink. We offer a brass/stainless steel dispenser with our sanitizer and soap. If you are interested check our website... www.ThoroLA.com

Can't find it on your website could you supply a link please thank you

Does it help with washing spam off the plate? I find that the Swing-Mark automatic valve is a poor product for washing spam off things. It always seems to leave a thin layer of spam. You know what spam is right? Anyway, while thick spam is obvious, thinly veiled spam is spam nonetheless.

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Ah...Yes, I 've tried that, with limited success. The flags available don't seem to be very effective here though, unless the coating is particularily obvious.Maybe it's the fabric they provide at instructables... I did use that avenue, but figured I'd let the author know about the limitations of his product directly anyway, just so he knows that people are looking out for his interests..

Hmm... seems like the flag has not been as effective recently as one might hope. Case in point, I am able to post this reply several hours after application of the flag to the problem. Problem is still here.

Where did you hear about it in the first place?