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where do i find a wireless transmitter for a camera? I.E. for a live web show Answered

I dont want a mile of cord that somebody could trip over....


You could connect your camera to your laptop and carry that around with your camera. This is assuming you have decent wifi at your location.

If you just want short range, the cheapest I've seen was put out by X10. They intended it for transmitting analog video from a VCR to a TV in another room; it ought to work from one end of your studio to the other. (It doesn't work through commercial-construction walls very well -- I was trying to use it as a green-room link in a hotel, and it just wasn't up to that.) A bit of a gamble, but at around $100 it's a cheap gamble. I'm told that this widget has enough bandwidth that some pros have pressed it into service as a cheap digital link from window down to van... but that's in the rumor category.