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where do i find free 55 gallon or more barrel here in toronto, canada? Answered

can you please give me suggestions where i can find a free 55 gallon or more barrel for rain water that i plan to collect? i'm currently located in toronto, canada. really appreciate any help i could get!


Hi! Just curious if you had any luck finding any barrels in Toronto? I'm also in TO and looking for some barrels for a summer project...

We used to get them at a pickle company and auto shops, but they did cost a dollar or so.


8 years ago

Try Kijiji


8 years ago

Well, garages (mechanics that service cars etc) and transport companies will generally have many lying about waiting to be dumped.

Well, there are here in South Africa (We have about 6).

BUT, these were used for motor oil, diesel etc...  You'll need to clean them out properly before using.  A good engine cleaner, some water, some rocks and a roll down a hill should do the trick.

Anyway, hope this helps.

Put an ad in Craig's list.

Check you local soft drink bottler, car wash, cheese factory, city water works, factories, feed store, janitorial service.  THey all buy the chemicals and ingrediants in large quanties and either dump the drums, recycle them or sell them for a very small fee.

Just make sure that any you buy didn't contain anything REALLY toxic.