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where do i get a PIC16F84 in india? Answered

i want to make 2 projects by macbot which need pic16f84 but i dont know where i an get it in india

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jensenr30Best Answer (author)2011-03-24

I searched mouser.com and this is what I found:

Mouser has an amazing selection of electronic components and ICs. Even better is that they ship world wide because of their fifteen world-wide locations!
They even have a branch in India.

106, Prestige Center Point 7
Edward Road
560052 Bangalore
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steveastrouk (author)2011-03-24

Its a fairlu cheap low cost chip. You have many more smalll electronics shops in India, and choices than we do in the UK - have you tried local places ?

If there is a local university or college with electronic courses, perhaps you could ask there ?


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robot1398 (author)steveastrouk2011-03-24

can you tell the price of the PIC16F84 in india not in $ but in INR

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