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where is the the step by step project for the woodbuilt propeller?? Answered

HELLO,I saw a project here at insructables that showed you step by step how the wooden prop was made with metal templates that I would imagine was in the downloadable pdf file which I could not access.Can anyone tell me how to get it.PLEASE REPLY.THANK YOU 


I'm surprised it didn't appear in the related field to the right...
Use the search, in the top right...

AeroEngineer published this one

A hand built wooden prop. is a thing of beauty!

I wonder whether anyone makes decent-looking propeller blades to replace the flat things used in most ceiling fans. Keeping them light enough would be a challenge, but...

(I have a fan whose motor cowling already suggests the nose of a small plane; it'd be fun to complete that illusion.)

(Hm. Quick websearch suggests that I might be able to do something with doped fabric over a framework. Finicky construction, but it's a traditional aviation material, albeit not for this purpose.)

Type "wooden propeller" into the search box. First hit.