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where the wild things are tshirt? no sew ideas? Answered

i have this great olive green where the wild things are shirt that i wanted to get fitted.. in an easy no sew way that i can do myself. i thought there was a way to make the knots on the back look like a skeleton, but maybe i'm wrong. any suggestions or ideas?

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M!dn!8ht_Sun (author)2010-02-09

 I did this with a t-shirt I had when my sewing machine broke: I cut the sides so that there were rectangle indents all down the sides, (not including the sleeves) and then cut along the seam so that I had little strips of fabric attached from the shirt on one end all down the sides of the shirt. I turned the shirt inside out and tied them all together- it creates a nice effect down the sides and keeps them together and fitted very well. Hope this works for you :)

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Grins (author)2009-11-03

 i was rushing this costume at the last minute, and i remembered i had a rugby shirt that i had used when i was younger for harry potter events that was maroon and yellow.

Threw that on, covered the collar up by tying some leftover strips of faux fur around my neck, and i was good to go.  looked pretty close.

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lemonie (author)2009-06-16

Easy, no-sew?
Some kind of smocking was my thought, you essentially pleat it and sew the pleats together. But I'm reading "no-sew" as "I don't want to cut it up and put back together at the right size & shape"?


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