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where to find usb cord Answered

where can i find a usb cord for these projects?


Sometimes you can find them for free at garage sales or like 7up said at the dollar store. If you get it from the dollar store get either the male to male or extension ones so you get 2 good sides.

A-type Male to A-type Male shouldn't exist. It's like having an power extension cord with to male ends - it would be too dangerous if you plugged both ends into a power point. You can get a-type male to b-type male, or a-type male to a-type female.

it shouldn't, but it does. I'v seen them at dollar stores many times before. I would recommend the extension because it also has a female..

I know, I bought one of those once, blindly trusting in the packaging, which told me it was A-OK to use to network...nearly fried my computer, and I think I did fry a monitor. Should've researched it before I tried it...


10 years ago

i got a 3-meater one from cheap as chips(australian) for 2-3 doller well worth it


10 years ago

I seem to have more than I could ever use from dead mice and keyboards. But that does suppose you have a nearby hi-tech trash bin. (You might, and not know it. Check for any small "computer repair" stores and ask.)

Or the £ shop... LOL

Local dollar store