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where to get small plastic gears, to OEM spec? Answered

There was once a nice Cyberhome DVD player that was cheap and fast and good, but then the pinion gear on the laser carriage motor split, and suddenly it became a piece of junk. I found many sources for small gears, but not the right one. This one is a 12 tooth, 2mm bore, 6mm dia, 6mm tall item that press fits onto the shaft. Based on other posts on other sites, these players are electronic lemmings, and are all soon destined for the dumpster, mostly for this reason. HELP ME SAVE THEM FROM THEIR FATE! Perhaps we're all screwed, and this is not an off the shelf item.


maybe try sulpho plastic, I just posted an instructable on how to make it.

have you looked at hobby shops, some of them have rc car gears that might work?

an option might be to glue it back together, then cast it from resin, thermoplastic, or metal... There was a recent ible on casting jb-weld. if you made a wax mold of the gear, and cast in that stuff...