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where to shop in southern California / Irvine (HELP??) Answered

Hi folks I'm from europe and residing/studying in Irvine/CA for half a year, until June. Do you have any tips about where I have to go / should go / can go to SHOP for cool maker relevant stuff? I only took a minimum amount of equipment (my Arduino, my EEG and some ICs, LED, Sensors n stuff ) with me and hardly any tools. I thought there must be some place around town to shop, but I didn't find anything...


I purchase all my computer components through Vellicore free shipping on all orders and based in Laguna area about 5 miles from Irvine C.A

\Thanks for the many replies so far!!! OK looks like I'd have to go and shop online... I was also looking for some kind of scrapyard/surplus store. Do you know something like that?

Fry's Electronics is probably your best source for components. The sales people used to be really great, but now they're just drones for consumer electronics (stereos and cell phones) :-( If you know what you want, browse the aisles and look for it yourself.

For non-electronics stuff, IKEA is great for stuff you can hack. But you already know that, being from Europe and all :-)

Fry's doesn't have anything! besides computer parts

Which aisles did you walk down? Hopefully you weren't naïve idealistic enough to ask someone!

Fry's has a whole "Components" section, with two or three aisles of ICs, resistors/caps/etc., perfboard/breadboard/etchable, switches and knobs, enclosures, everything you'd need for small projects. But don't bother asking a drone for a specific component. They'll tell you "we don't carry that," because their too ignorant of electronics to know what they have or don't have.

online, they have LEDS and Resistors, nothing more do they have buck resistors, and capacitors?

Hi, Alex. You're right about online. The topic was asking about physical stores, and I was talking about actually walking into Fry's and looking around.

:O Do you see what I see?! >Tackles< It's okay, I have him in custody.

Oof! Ow. They're, their, little lady! The nasty ungrammaticisms won't bother you!

. Try locating some amateur radio clubs in your area. Hams usually know about such things. . Contact an Electronics teacher/professor at a local school/college/university. . Use similar tactics for non-electronic items.

are you willing to shop online?

Good luck finding stuff. Maybe the ibles crew can help. You might also want to check the free section of craigslist