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where/how can I make/buy rc plane lights for my firebird comander 2 thnx? Answered

 plz help id like bout 6 lights and my plane has an xport that id like to use for power


Hi, I have the Firebird freedom which is somewhat the same setup as the commander 2. I also had the idea of lights on my plane but could not find a way to add them to the xport.

The way I made mine was:

1. Obtain a hatlight (One of those lights that has like 5 or however many LEDS)
2. Open up the hatlight and just de-solder each LED light from its' position and addhowever long of wire you need to it. Just connect the wire to the LED and position on the board. Make sure you keep the polarity the same! Do this for all and now just improvise to meet your expectations.
Worked for me! Hope this helps! Let me know how it goes and feel free to ask any questions.

OK don't panic  Yet
  you can oder them from Hobbyking .comItem found in the following categories;
> Parts & Accs. > Night Flying Accs.

Turnigy R/C LED Lighting System

Turnigy R/C LED Lighting System, easy to use on scale lighting set suittable for 30-60 size scale model Helicopters and Aeroplanes.
2 red Beacon
2 White Strobe
1 Red
1 Green navigation light
Aset for landing light.

Includes flush mount LED plugs, to install in canopies or wings.

Input: 4-6v
Current: 30mA
Main board size: 35x24x8mm
LED wire length: 600mm/pc
Weight: 35g



so you can thread them through the wing and tail with the help of a coat
hanger or stiff wire
The lights are bright and strobe you can adjust for other light patterns

thanks i think il buy them though ( im 10)