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which 4 wires to use among my 6 wire stepper motor? Answered

which 4 wire to use among my 6 wire stepper motor ? i tried to measure the resistance but got all confused ! 



1 year ago

Stepper Simple Motor wiring...

There are odd number (5,7,11) of pole stepper motor...


The illustration, click to see full size, comes from the wikipedia article on stepper motors.

You need a resistance meter and measure between any 2 wires until you find the highest resistance that isn't an open cct.

Do this systematically write down your results as you go.


I can't think of any other way to do it. The wire colours may or may not meet a standard.


The easiest way by far is to check the datasheet for the motor in question.
It will show the pinout for the coils - usually either by wire color or numbers on the connector.
You need the outer connections and won't need the wires coming from the junction of 2 coils going in the same direction in the diagram from the datasheet.

Start by looking at what colours you have.