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which low temp metals can be used in the food safe mold? Answered

how much heat can the silicone for the food safe mold with stand can you cast silver or copper or only lead or aluminum

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Paige RussellBest Answer (author)2017-02-09

Hi GrizzlyB1,


I'm afraid aluminum, silver, and copper have melting temperatures that are too high for silicone molds to withstand.

There are several types of RTV silicone rubber that you can use for casting low-temperature metal/alloys like tin and pewter (SmoothOn's Mold Max 60 has the highest heat resistance that I know of at 560° F / 294° C), but RTV silicone is NOT recommended for higher melting temperature metals.

To cast silver or copper, you'll need to do lost wax casting in a plaster mold. Here are two instructables and an online example that go over the lost wax casting process:




Hope this was helpful!


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