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which micro controller should i use for designing a closed loop control for a quad copter and why ? Answered


Whichever one offers the number of I/O ports you'll need to interface and control everything. There are so many options out there it really comes down to the specs your looking for in the controller. Once you know exactly what you want from the finished product you can start figuring out which controller will work best for you.

I just want to stable it in air the remaining are secondaries....

What kind of sensor do you plan to use.

In the oldays we had aircraft  wing levelers.
You would probably need two crossed level sensors controlling the
associated propellers using a PID algorithm.

There are micro controllers that have PID firmware built in
The climb / descent is straight forward and reverse too.
Turning is a more delicate maneuver.

i want to use a 6 dof imu ( suggest me which company has the best imu) controlling x , y , z ,roll , yaw , pitch control; and then I2C communication to the controller

I have been reading quadrotor copter ibles on the right side of this page you should read the better ones like this one to gain the insight you seek.

Almost all demo flights appear to over-control the craft, that is why I would try
the Proportional Integral Derivative control approach and rather then
roll , yaw , pitch I would instruct directional control letting the main processor
take care of stabilizing the craft.  
This after all is the way our military fly by wire super critical aircraft work !


Issues to consider: data throughput, algorithm to be used, programming skills, price.

price is not an issue.....which you will rcommend out of arduino due and dsp


5 years ago

What level of closed loop ?
  1. each propeller ?
  2. GPS reaching a destination ?