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which side are you on? PSP Go vs. 3000 vs. 2000 vs. 1000 Answered

Which psp version do you like better? PSPgo (the sliding PSP), 3000(slim & lite), 2000 (slim), or 1000(phat)? leave a comment saying what your dislikes and likes are of the psp you choose.


2000 all the way, can still be hacked and is lighter with twice the ram of the Phat

PSP go sucks.  The PSP 3000 is the best.  First of all, the PSP go is download only, no UMD's.  Then the analog stick on it is rather misplaced.  Finally the go is overpriced.  The PSP 3000 has features that its predecessors don't have.  So there you have it.

the PSP 3000 can't be used as an IR-Remote.

Who the hell uses a game console as an IR Remote?  What the heck does an IR Remote do anyways?

you can control traffic lights with it although it highly illegal and almost as dangerous as it is illegal

you can use it as a universal remote, you know like for your TV or other peoples...hehehe

Trouble is that nobody does that, they buy a universal remote from a store or something.

i don't use it as a remote, it's just a fun thing to do, like you can control things in your house via the internet it isn't practical but it's cool to mess around with. it's just an extra feature the others don't have

PSP 3000 is teh best. It has the best functions, the best looks, and the cheapest price.

no it isn't, psp 1000s are available for $130, psp3000 are available for about $160 this is at EB games

1000's are old models. I wasn't counting them.

1000 rules .It has started and will end it .(ihav 1 and got as soon as it came out) see pic with stick.


hey those lego accessories look really cool is there a instructable on how to make it? if not then what ru waiting for?!

those Lego things are all over instructables, they have tonnes for each different console

Is there a way to "Downgrade" SWF versions so that it works with Flash Player 6 (PSP)? cause i wanna put those videos on my PSP. Go check them out its funny :D

just use a converter and convert them into Mpeg and watch them as videos

yeah. I love the slide action, but not a fan of the rest.

psp go is the best im buying it soon i need to save up 50 more dollars. The psp go has better graphics because it has the same number of pixels but a smaller screen. Also i wont be able to lose any of the games

i don't lose my games anyway, how can i lose an iso file?

The PSP go's screen isn't smaller.  The design of it makes it look smaller, that's all.  And you have to buy the games you already had for the PSP over again if you want to play them on the go.  Get a 3000.

2k has both of best worlds.

i got a 3000 i jus wish i knew that i could hack with a lower firmware i already upgraded the firmware and you can't downgrade it from 6.20 waiting for the hackers to catch up to 6.20.....

Go on www.psp-hacks.com  they just caught up with 6.20 through a save game exploit.

i found that out with the patapon demo just recently but i still don't know what to do once you get to the screen that says stuff like thanks to someone someone else and other people (not actual words).


8 years ago

regans for the psp go

1000.....its more durable.....the the home, select and start buttons are better than the 3000 in my opinion.....and its heavy......i dont know why but heavy just gives me a feeling that im holding something that wont break easily.

yes, i think its the best, and science it dosent break eaisly, if you hack it (like me) =) then it probbly wont break and when you ship it off to sony to get fixed you wont get caught, also i dropped mine from one of those tall barstools and the lcd shorted out but it diddent crack at all, my friend dropped his 2000 from the saim hieght and the schreen shattered into a million peaces, just glad i had memorized the buttons to press to un hack it, smile =)

I sent mine to Sony with CFW on it for repair, Yes I'm hardcore XD

OMG? Any respectable PSP owner has one just for CFW.

3000 is ultra fail. Don't get me started on the PSP Go...


8 years ago

Huh, I have 1000 and it's OK for me..


8 years ago

 White 3000 :P

 ok I updated the topic with pictures of the new PSPgo.

PSP Go seems pretty good.

PSP go is the best

I like everything about the 3000, except that its difficult to hack. im looking for a 1000 just to run custom programs on.

I don't own any psp's, but basing my decision on looks, I'd have to choose the 3000.