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who can teach me how to play guitar without expensive lessons? Answered


learn how to play basic chords, such as      g, e minor, a, a minor, c, d, and e. make ur own rythems with those chords, and learn to switch between each chord smoothly. if you like rock, learn power chords. also learn to fast pick. i learned that in like ten minutes ;). (bragging rights). then learn to play ur favorite songs. the most important things to learn are:basic chords; finger strumming/plucking; power chords (if you like rock); fast picking (also if u like rock ;). when you learn that, start learning to play bar chords, and all of the rest of the chords. im telling you IF YOU WANT TO LEARN GUITAR REALLY REALLY FAST, MAKE YOUR OWN RYTHEMS AND LEARN TO SWITCH BETWEEN YOUR CHORDS. dont follow rythems in books or lessons, unless they are simple eighth notes or quarter notes. im tellin ya, MAKE YOUR OWN RYTHEMS YOU WILL BE GOOD FAST. OK? sorry im bein a little rough, but hey, thats what u gotta do! im tellin ya, i started guitar this christmas, and i am very very good now, and i never went to a single lesson. (bragging rights again). i hope this was helpful. if i were u, id start out with an accoustic guitar.

thanks...u helped alot and i already know c,d,g,a,e, but i dont know any power or bar chords and im not good at sruming/plucking.....i also cant put the chords toghter to make something up or play a song form the radio or something....i know i have a lot to learn...and i need to practice alot if i ever want to be in a band 

your welcome. you play power chords by playing 2 notes, but one note repeats. for example: e:----------------------------
the 2nd fret on the e string and the 4th fret on the d string are both f#, but they are they are one octave different. the note on the a string is c#.

You can teach yourself a lot.

Google "guitar lessons" and you'll find lots of free and some that charge.  Youtube has tons of lessons.

If you don't use a good teacher you might fall into bad habits and not get a full musical education.

If you pick up a few books on guitar you'll get a more rounded education.

Good luck.

i know i tried youtube and there was alot of good ones and a few bad ones but every time i look it up i never have a guitar with me......im a visual learner and i kinda want to be able to read music so i can have it there when i dont have a computer with me

Here is a great free site.  You can join and get extra stuff but really there is enough here to keep you busy for free for a long time to come.  Justin is a a pretty good teacher and a great guitarist.

.  Yep. You can learn a lot on your own, but you need the feedback and suggestions of a knowledgeable person to really get anywhere. But that knowledgeable person doesn't have to be an expensive teacher - many players will be happy to give you a little help for free.
.  Do as Re-design suggests and check out some of the free online lessons. If you find you really want to continue, contact players in your area.

I don't teach guitar.  I teach healthcare professionals life saving skills.   If a student comes to me wanting to learn and they demonstrate that they are putting in the effort to learn without anyone helping I will really put in a lot of effort to help them.  If they haven't prepared and want me to just give them my knowledge and experience I have no time for them.  The same is probably true of guitarists-  put in the effort and show you are committed- some one will share their experience with you for free.