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who here, write music/songs Answered

does anyone here write music or songs?

i write song lyrics even though i can't read music or play an instrument to save my own life.
what do you think was the best "piece" or song you wrote?
any posts on this topic welcome :D


Hi guys!

I compose and play music too. In fact, I have absolutely no formal training in music. My dream is to become a successful musician/songwriter someday.

I love all things DIY. With this spirit, a few good friends and I compose, record, produce and promote our own music all from our humble studio. 100% DIY!

We recently released some of our original songs online. Feel free to check out them out at:


Really hope you will like the songs :)


Im heavily into music, I write as much as I can, which is a bit funny because I don't have a single completed one. I have about 80 billion +1, halves, 3/4s, intros, and loose ideas but can't just get a single one done.

Find a guitar, look at a few chord charts and you can play, No need to read music for basic guitar, when it says "G" you play a G chord ;)

Yeah, I learned to strum Home Home on the Range within 15 minutes of getting my first lesson, but my fingers are a bit short and not suited for some chords :- ) I gave it up.

wow thats impressive! yes i'm just not good enough but i should try harder :D

Not so impressive, tis 3 chords, and one of them is used only occassoinally :-) It's like strum strum strum (6 times) (change cord) strum strum strum, strum strum (change cord).....etc. The "course" I had bought through the mail guarranteed I could play a song in 15 minutes.....and it was true; though a very SIMPLE song and only the cords that changed only occassionally :-)

I'd love to see some of your songs. :) If you'll share. I don't write many songs myself, but I do play other peoples songs. It might be cool if we collab-ed :)

sure i'll post some later :D
sorry, i'm not familiar wit the term "collab-ed"? what does it mean?

unfortunatly i've tried many times to start a band but its hard to get long-distance musicians to stick around!

Like collaborate. You write words I put it to music. Of course I'm not always the greatest at making catchy tunes. But I could try.

Oh of course! LOL
hey thats a great idea! id love to do that, it would be great :D

@AussieAnglerGal, What type of music do you like to listen to? Like name some artists. (Cause like if you really like screamo... I don't know if I can help you :P)

to anme a few

katy perry
pink floyd
led zepplin
neil young
phil collins

i greatly dislike- most rap songs, heavy metal, screaming chicks, etc!

Okay, cool. Our tastes sound very alike. If you ever have something you want a tune for just message me the lyrics and I'll try my best! ;)

Hello Shadowfeet, I would like to talk with you about this stuff.

I have a very decent poetical sense. And english for me is a second language, but I nail it with no problem at all. And would love to try and write something with the support of your musical sense.

I would like to know if we can have a chat some day.


Hey Check David

Do you wannna message me some songs/ poems etc. and we can try and work something out. What type of music or style do you like? Like what artists or songs?


My first one was a Honer Marine Band in the key of C.  The enclosed instructions sheet had me playing When the Saints Come Marching In, after about a half hour or so.....but thankfully we are not all the same and all have different talents.....can you imaging a band made up of ONLY harmonicas?   LOL

after two terms all i could play on guitar was a short tune in G, never git further then that

hmm..band of harmonicas...interesting?...LOL

if everyone saw the world the same way and never disagreed, it would be a very boring place...

There "are" left handed guitars out there (or I thought I had heard of such a beast) but don't know where one could be found nor how expensive it'd be. That's the nice thing about the harmonica, although the notes are (somewhat) left to right, the left/riight handedness doesn't come into play really.

haha, i tried harmonica once upon a time but never took to it that much!

Ooops, I realize how my last post could be misinterpreted....I had (someone else) put it to music (I can write poems, but can not read music either). I can play harmonica, IF there are the little numbers and arrows above the notes :-D

hahah, I'm going to do the same!

i could play a little recorder when i was in year five (age 11)
i've tried piano and guitar but struggle to understand the notes and can't use my left hand to play the notes, i have to reverse them to right

I wrote the words to a song years (and YEARS) ago, that I had put to music (sounds terrible to me)....I still have the cassette somewhere....but now can't even play it unless I stuble across a cheap working player.

how interesting!

unfortunately for me i cannot read music and can't play any instruments, though i've tried a few!

I am very flexible. Lately I have been entertaining my friends at parties with stuff I conceive in my mind. But the format of what I create is more suited for rap, since it is content heavy, and has a lot of rhymes.

That's why I would really like to talk to someone like you to open my horizons a bit, so that I can try to compose something more song like.

My website is CheckDavid.com you have my contacts there. If you could, please give me some way of chatting with you so that we can exchange ideas.

Thanks for considering

Okay, I listen to alot of downbeat stuff (A lot of broadway songs lol, and people like, Adele, Band Perry, and Andrew Peterson, if you've ever heard of him) so our contrasting styles probably compliment each other.
Like I said, I think the best way for now, will be Instructables messaging system.

Do you have any basic piano knowledge (Just like what notes are what) that I could send you a tune just like, C D E E G or whatever?

Oh, unfortunately I am very dull with musical instruments, despite the fact that many people in my family play piano :p

So your idea was to give me a tune in tablature form right? So that I could inspire myself to compose some lyrics over it?

Well, I mean it doesn't have to be you. If you have someone that will just plunk it out for you so you can tell me if you like it that would work too.

I was thinking you send me some lyrics, I send you a tune. And then you can say yes or no. Because basically I need lyrics to have a tune. I guess that's just how I work

I can try writing something something if you give me some guidelines and some inspiration.

What do you think? =)

Challenge me for something. Throw me in a certain direction.

Okay lessee.. umm

Guidelines: Just basically keep it clean, no swearing or adult themes. (Don't mean to sound uptight but if Its a song like that, I'm not gonna even try)

And for inspiration.. I don't maybe listen to the some Regina Specktor like "On My Radio" or go by your mood. I'm thinking maybe we should start with a light song.. something like maybe.. Andrew Peterson's song Bears which is just fun and funny. And since you said you wanted to try getting out of your comfort zone a little that sounds like something new for you.

Oh and also listen to the song- Something sort of Grandish. It's actually a broadway song, but it might give you some inspiration.

Ok, I think this is sinking in.

I think I can do it.

Anyway, can't you show me a bit of what you do? I beg you =D

I want to know with what kind of artist I am dealing with. :p

Sorry, like I said I don't have anything good, and .. I'm a bit of a perfectionist.And anyway, I what I sound like doesn't matter as much, because we're working the tunes out for you.

By the way. Send me a sample of your stuff for inspiration anyway.

I don't have anything quality recorded right now,(sorry, I 'm working on a couple youtube covers) but for some idea of my style, I was working on recording this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vc2jDz6w-r4 the other day.

Oh my! That's amazing. Thanks for the link.

I will have to allow that to sink in. I was mesmerized.

how interesting! i would check it out..but being a school computer,(school based at home) it blocks just about everything! :(