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who insired you to bulid knex stuff Answered

mine was knex_builder_freak my frist gun was his the dessert buzzard (did i spell that right). so whos was yours?


I have been using knex since i was nine got them for christmas and have been building everything with them since.

ha same lol I had knex way before that but i didn't use them that much but now I'm hooked again

bought a yard sale, 15 $ for about 2000 pieces, Sat in attic for 3 years, then used for science project, (something about potential energy) and built a GUN!


9 years ago


why does everyone say killerk? it's not like he made the first gun!

i only discovered the site because i typed in knex machine gun for a laff, and found the knexecutioner by perfect duck. I found the elastic band mech good, and the first gun i acctually built was the rbg mag fed hybrid by bakenbitz

and the first gun i created was the storm 22, yes 22, which was a small pistol with a true trigger and a four shot magazine. I then built a different pistol, then another which later became the storm 220 that is on instructables today!

Well I started when I was using lego guns and thought why don't I make A knex gun? and my first gun was a yellow rod long no triggered muzzle loader it was junk!!! so that is how I started.

My insparation for my cannon was me wanting to make a better version of Oodalumps's Cannon, so I kinda put that onto 2 reapers on top of each other, and tons of modding later I cam up with my Cannon. Insparation for my trap: Well, I had made it before, and I wanted to enter it into the pet month contest. Insparation for my grenade? Who knows. I was just fiddiling around trying to make a knex grenade and out came "Knex war bomb".

actually I made the dessert buzzard and posted it on his name because I couldn't make an account yet. so I inspired you :D