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who invented the internet?when?how? Answered


It depends on which answer you're looking for.  If you're looking for who actually invented the internet, Ork has it.  If you ask Al Gore, Al Gore invented it.

Websearch for history of the ARPAnet, which was the Internet's predecessor. ARPAnet, run by the defense department's Advanced Research Projects Agency, was originally an experiment in alternative data communications, looking for something more robust than the phone/telegram systems then available. The government and school labs working on it gradually turned it into a tool for collaboration between them.

Meanwhile, businesses were setting up their own networks, often borrowing the protocols developed as part of the ARPAnet though they were running their connections through different hardware. Gradually they started establishing ways for their more important customers/suppliers to dial in from terminals, and then for machine-to-machine connections.

Eventually, as networks became a more serious business tool, the ARPAnet evolved into a shared inter-business network -- hence, internet. And many years after that, PCs became cheap enough that ordinary folks started connecting to the Internet -- originally, again, by dialing into machines that had Internet connections, then paying Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for more direct access.

Which is pretty much where we are now.

I very well could be wrong but I thought it was the Army or USGovernment back in the 70's??